Town of Highland — Town Code

Why Amend the Code?

We already have strong protections in Section § 190-11

An Excerpt from
The Town of Highland’s Current Town Code

§190-11 Prohibited uses in all districts.

A. Any use which is noxious, offensive, or objectionable by reasons of the emission of smoke, dust, dirt, gases, odor, or other form of air pollution or by reason of the deposit, discharge or disposal of liquids, or solid wastes in any form or manner or amount as to cause damage to the soil or streams or to adversely affect the surrounding areas, or by reason of the creation of noise, vibration, or other disturbances or by reason of illumination on or from which such light, glare or light reflection emanates, or which involves any dangerous fire, explosive, radioactive, or any other hazards, or electrical, disturbances, electromagnetic disturbances, heat, which causes injury, annoyance or disturbance to any of the surrounding properties or to their owners and occupants, and any other process or use which is unwholesome and may be dangerous or prejudicial to health, safety or general welfare. However, vegetative spraying and dusting in compliance with industry and DEC standards is permitted.

see also
§ 190-20 Stripping or clear-cutting of land.
(permitting for clearing of 5 or more acres.)

§ 190-29 Noise standards.
(70 decibels daytime, 60 decibels nighttime)

§ 190-40 Amendments
(procedures for amending or changing Town Code)

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