PA Drillers: 1,435 Violations in 2.5 Years

952 Identified as Most Likely to Harm the Environment

The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association identified a total of 1435 violations accrued by 43* Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale drillers between 1/1/2008 and 7/25/2010, using records obtained by the PA Department of Environmental Protection. Of these, the Association identified 483 where the violations seemed unlikely to directly endanger the environment and/or the safety of communities. This report focuses on the remaining 952 violations which were judged as having the most potential for direct impact on the environment. These violations do not include violations incurred by drilling wastewater haulers. During a 3-day enforcement blitz in June 2010, 669 traffic citations and 818 written warnings were issued to trucks hauling Marcellus Shale drilling wastewater.**

Read the PA Land Trust Report.

* PALTA identified companies that have had violations, according to news reports, but are not included in the data, received on 5/10/2010 and 7/10/2010, from the PA Department of Environmental Protection. The Association has not been able to reconcile this difference.
** Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection News Release (6/23/2010)

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