Did You Know?

Hydraulic Fracking uses A LOT of toxic chemicals

High volume, slick water hydraulic fracturing (HVSWHF) or “hydo-fracking” requires millions of gallons of water for each well.  Each million gallons of water for fracking requires 40,000 lbs. of chemicals.

Each “fracking’ requires 3-6 million gallons of water, mixed with 120,000 to 240,000 lbs of chemicals.

Some fracking operations take as much as 8 million gallons of water and 320,000 lbs of chemicals.  Between 20 and 40% of this contaminated water is never recovered from the well site.

If 70% is recovered, that’s 5,600,000 gallons of contaminated water that has to be hauled over our roads in tanker trucks.

Source:  Catskill Mountainkeeper, Overview, Gas Drilling in the Catskills

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